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Weatherproof safety padding and post protectors for ski club in Ireland

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The Brief

Wayward Skiers! Very weather exposed area in the Dublin Mountains required sports padding to fit fences, run off areas and floodlight poles.

The Solution

Our solution was Apex sport impact weatherproof panels and custom-made post protectors. Using various densities and thicknesses of foams to suit each area we manufactured the padding to follow the side fences- these panels would allow skiers to bounce off them without injury. Highly impact absorbent foam was used at the end of the run to allow ‘bump-stops’  Floodlights and pillars in the area were wrapped using sports grade padding with full PVC covers.

The Result

Maximum protection against heavy impact is guaranteed for the skier who may stray off line, allowing peace of mind for facility owner and watching family members! Floodlight padding is removable quickly for maintenance purposes.

Time On Site

Despite the significant quantity of padding required installation took only three days, panels were cut and wrapped on site, and as with all our external pads waterproof timber backing was used for manufacture.

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Latest News

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