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Rugby Pitch Padding Sheffield Hallam University

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The Brief

Our brief was to protect Rugby players should they over-shoot the run off area at the side of this brand new facility. 

The Solution

Using the correct density of foams and the appropriate, outdoor and weather proof materials we created over 110 padded panels to attach to the fence. 
The panels were all attached securely, from outside the fence, with the correct fence clips for the style and gauge of fencing. 

The Result

All access gate and storage gates have been fitted, along with our standard 2m x 1.2m panels, ensuring full protection for the players for many years to come. 
Each panel has been wrapped in rip-stop weaver PVC which is suitable for permanent outdoor use and is colour fast, hot / cycle proof and in the university's sporting clubs colours. 

Time On Site

Manufacture of over 110 panels took five days with our time on site totaling three and a half days 

Latest News

Day 5 was time to tweak the finish, clear up and head 330 miles south, on to the next Gold Medal Safety Padding roo… https://t.co/euPBpYeR3j

Posted 3 years ago @safetygb
Latest News

Day four was perfecting the finish. Of the Gold Medal Safety Padding. Smooth, seamless and totally safe. https://t.co/MhMrk6M5pV

Posted 3 years ago @safetygb
“The Apex padding system turned out far better than we had hoped for. It doesn’t even look like padding!”

Private Residence in Leicestershire, organised through the Papworth Trust