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Godolphin - Global Thoroughbred Breading Facility - Newmarket

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The Brief

Our client required covering barns and surgery areas covered in an extra tough padding system to protect some of the most valuable and well known horses in the world.
At times when a horse is being treated or covered the risk of injury is ever present, padding all surfaces greatly reduces the risk of injury to the horse and allows the staff to carryout their work with one less worry. 

The Solution

Thinking Big - We used 2.4m high panels with 80mm impact foam and a covering material with a total weight of 1.1kg's per square meter. All of this was surface bonded to an 18mm thick ply backing to allow for easy mounting to the walls of the barns and other areas. 

The Result

Each area that posed as a risk of injury for the horses was covered in made to measure panels. Each panel followed the contours of the barn behind it and allowed for the integration of all services in the area. 

Time On Site

One barn, two covering barns and 2 surgeries meant a total time on site of around two weeks.
The works were scheduled prior to the season starting to avoid disruption.

Latest News

Day 5 was time to tweak the finish, clear up and head 330 miles south, on to the next Gold Medal Safety Padding roo… https://t.co/euPBpYeR3j

Posted 1 month ago @safetygb
Latest News

Day four was perfecting the finish. Of the Gold Medal Safety Padding. Smooth, seamless and totally safe. https://t.co/MhMrk6M5pV

Posted 1 month ago @safetygb
“The Apex padding system turned out far better than we had hoped for. It doesn’t even look like padding!”

Private Residence in Leicestershire, organised through the Papworth Trust